Double Shot

This, the 12th of Diane Mott Davidson’s tales of Goldy (Bear) Shulz, involves the usual complications: the challenges of running a catering business and raising a son sans her violent and abusive ex-husband, all while solving a mystery in her spare time. But this time she is the main suspect in the murder of “the Jerk,” her previously mentioned ex. Descriptions of food intermingle deliciously with your basic stock characters—the rich divorcee, the jilted young lover, the air-headed stripper. Unfortunately, this entrée serves like a soup overloaded with too many suspects, er, ingredients. The final wrap-up is a bit tidy, but the end is (as always) followed up with a generous helping of recipes. While it’s not Davidson’s best, if a sudden storm hits and you want a mystery that will have you raiding the fridge, then you will enjoy this Double Shot.