He’s Just Not That Into You

So you haven’t heard the catch-phrase “he’s just not that into you.” That’s OK—you can get the book, the brainchild of Sex and the City contributors Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, and see what you’re missing. Sub-titled The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys, the book is designed to help you, dear single woman, stop wasting time on men who are “just not that into you.” The first chapter tackles the question of the ages: Why doesn’t he call? As the book bluntly puts it, because men are jerks. Other chapters answer other signs that he’s JNITY (if he’s not dating you, if he’s breaking up with you, and yes, if he doesn’t want to marry you.) Terrific one-liners (“Pets are God’s way of saying, Don’t lower the bar because you’re lonely”) go hand in hand with awful, awful metaphors (your “ship is about to hit Sad Island and we don’t want you on it”). But read it anyway, because, in Greg’s words, “I believe life is a speedy and awesome gift, so don’t waste the pretty.”