Don’t let work get you down

Four tips to reduce stress on the job

It’s no secret that a stressful lifestyle can take a toll on physical and mental health, and for many, work represents the most stressful aspect of their lives.

To give you the best chance of avoiding long-term health complications like heart attack, stroke and obesity, here are four tips to find a balance point between on-the-job demands and outside life:

• Work downtime into your schedule: Whether it be a weekend camping trip or a leisurely bike ride through the park during your lunch break, having something to look forward to will ease your stress and help you better manage your workload.

• Utilize your time efficiently: Spend less time at work on Facebook or listening to Debbie gossip about her girlfriends and more time at home with your family.

• Re-think errands: Is there a way to avoid mowing the lawn or going to the grocery store? Paying a kid to cut the grass or ordering your groceries online for delivery could be worth the cost.

• Get some exercise: Go to the gym or just take a brisk walk around the block; not only does exercise relieve stress, but it will boost your energy levels and ultimately make you more productive.