Dems dub Dan

Lungren laughs off eco-unfriendly nickname

Dan Lungren, the Republican congressman representing California’s 3rd District, recently earned the unflattering nickname “Styrofoam Dan” from Democrats and environmental groups after he tossed out Nancy Pelosi’s composting program in Congressional cafeterias, according to media reports.

In a Fox News video report, Lungren defends his decision to swap out eco-friendly plastic utensils, cups and containers for Styrofoam and regular plastic utensils, saying the environmentally friendly spoons “tended to bend or melt, the forks didn’t work and the knives couldn’t cut anything.”

The switch will save taxpayers nearly half a million dollars, Lungren said. He also said the change will benefit cafeteria employees and visitors who have complained about the eco-friendly materials. Lungren noted a few pilot programs he’s spearheading, including looking into facilities that burn waste and convert it into energy, and the possibility of washing permanent utensils instead of using disposable ones.