Dangling the bait

Some people just naturally attract the opposite sex. The rest of us need a little help. There’s no shortage of advice out there on how to find someone in a crowded room. Somehow the gurus over at Men’s Health seem a little sneakier than the feisty females over at Cosmo. Here’s their advice. Take it or leave it (or laugh at it)—your choice:


Go out in groups no bigger than three to increase your approachability.

Hold a drink. That way he knows you’re not just looking for a freebie.

Smile genuinely. It’s sexy.

Be the queen of eye contact. Tip: Tilt down your chin so you’re looking up at him—it makes him feel more manly.

Hold off on the job talk. Asking him right off what he does makes you seem like a gold-digger. Try positive small-talk (favorite music, funny movies, etc.).

Men’s Health

Perfect your look. Add a unique element to any ordinary-looking outfit. (Think suede New Balances with a suit—no tie.) She’ll see you as confident and savvy.

Hang with slobs. When your friends are loud and sloppy, it makes you look good.

Go deep. Step away from the crowd to focus on a painting or look out a window. You’ll seem sensitive, mysterious and maybe even intense—hot!

Lend a hand. Be a do-gooder and help someone out, Prince Charming.

Go out for some air. Not a cigarette. Not a phone call to mom. Stare into the distance—if nothing else you’ll be different enough for her to notice.

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