DA defends his record

Mike Ramsey says he will continue to prosecute environmental crimes

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey spent an hour and a half Tuesday evening (April 6) at Chico State, giving various examples of environmental-pollution cases he’s prosecuted in Butte County. He explained the importance of targeting the worst offenders to reduce environmental harm and health risks.

“Some offenders try to say, ‘But what I did was on my land,’ ” Ramsey said. “The toxic concerns we have don’t just stay on their land.”

Ramsey (pictured) has been criticized by a group of disgruntled businesspeople called Citizens for Economic Balance who operate a Web site (www.datruthtoday.org) claiming the DA uses “fear and intimidation to maintain his cherished position.” Ramsey, who is up for re-election in November and faces two challengers, stated he would continue to uphold the motto of Butte County: “land of natural wealth and beauty.”

“My father used to be a game warden, and I feel I must be a part of his legacy to keep Butte County and the public safe,” he said.