Journalism fail

Chico makes top grades in an odd article on college towns

Chico was listed on a recent story, in what was ostensibly a compilation of eight cities that are the “best of what a college town has to offer.”

It’s a little confusing, though, since the author, Crai S. Bower (pictured), touts some odd qualities, including Chico’s diverse blend of college students, specifically Chinese Americans. Huh? Since when does an (overarching) Asian population of 4.8 percent translate to diversity? Hmmm … Last time we checked, the campus was pretty white bread. Yep, Caucasians still represent 64 percent of the population.

Oh, and then there’s the statement that Chico is one of America’s greenest cities. That’s thanks to Annie Bidwell’s gift of 2,500 acres of land to the city, says the author, who also notes how Chicoans celebrate our vast eco-friendly reputation with the annual Green Lifestyle Film Festival.

Haven’t attended—or even heard of—that fun celebration? Maybe it’s because it’s held at the James Bridges Theatre at UCLA. Whoops.