Cop W.J.L.I

Your band needs serious therapy. Write me, band psychologist.
What can I say? I like to play golf. A few weeks ago I was supposed to be in a foursome that included radio personality Stimpy, but at the last minute Stimpy called to say he had to work. But when we called work we found that Stimpy wasn’t there! Imagine my chagrin. The only rationalization I could find was that Stimpy must have been afraid to lose to me on the beautiful Magalia course.

Someone who is not afraid of losing is Councilmember Rick Keene’s son Chris and his band $7 Jacket. From all accounts their dynamic Christian punk-rock set at the Brick Works stole the show. For those of you who missed it, they will be in the park on Sept. 17. My question is, “Would Jesus like punk rock?” From where I’m sitting I would have to say yes. True, Gospel sounds quite angelic, but after 2000 years in heaven, Jesus is probably itching for some RAWK! I’m not sure he would get into a mosh pit, but who knows? Due to the law that prevents one from hearing what is said in punk rock songs, how would Jesus discern between Christian punk rock and the regular kind? From what I’ve seen, Christian punk-rock bands get better gigs for higher pay and never get spit on. Hey, maybe they’ve got something there!

This weekend on the nuptial trail Curtis Peldo and Jennifer Dobbs tied the knot. Curtis is a friend and the solid bass player in Dog Named Blue, and props to both of you on your travels together. Besides the funniest vows I’ve heard, their wedding music included performances by Danny West and the Lonesome Cowboys, a reunion show of Brut Max and a special performance by the Fabulous Teenagers (who have agreed to a show in the park on Oct. 24). As if this wasn’t enough of a talent showcase, Modern Lover Jonathan Richmond played the part of Teenager, Mr. Macaroni. And so it was the signs were apparent, this was a case of true bliss shared by the community.

On the flipside, NXN volunteer and friend of many Jason Wagers, died in a recent car wreck. His is an example of the fragility of life and a reminder that each day we are given the present of life.