Continuous economic growth questioned

The planet is reaching a critical point when it comes to absorbing waste and regenerating natural resources

A growing number of voices from across the political spectrum are suggesting that constant economic growth is ultimately harmful to the natural systems needed to maintain life on Earth.

“The physical pressure that human activities put on the environment can’t possibly be sustained,” said Gretchen Daily, a Stanford University ecologist quoted in an article at She is one of an increasing number of prominent people—including Pope Francis, Berkeley activists and some corporate CEOs—“questioning the premise that growth, with no consideration for its environmental consequences, automatically equals prosperity,” the article noted.

Along those lines, ecologists are warning that the ability of the natural world “to absorb wastes and regenerate natural resources is being exhausted.”

To cite just one example, if commercial fishing continues at its current rate, it is estimated that fisheries will be exhausted within the lifetime of today’s children.