Condors adored

Santa Barbara Zoo opens state-of-the-art exhibit

photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Santa Barbara Zoo opened a new exhibit to ohs and ahs of spectators last week.

The unveiling of the California Trails exhibit occurred as four California condors got their bearings inside a 6,000–square-foot portion of the $7.5 million facility, which offers the raptors and onlookers a fantastic view of the Santa Ynez Mountains, reported

Other animals caged inside the state-of-the-art complex include the Channel Island fox, bald eagle and other native species.

The zoo is now one of only three facilities in the world exhibiting the condor, a species whose population plummeted in the ’80s to just 22 birds in the wild. Through recovery programs, an estimated 86 California condors live wild in the state today.