Chico Great Debate divides sides

This year’s topic: merit pay and tenure

The Chico Great Debate is back in action this Friday (Nov. 4) at the City Council chambers, as Chico State students from different communication-studies classes will give arguments for and against the issue of whether policies to increase teacher accountability through merit pay and/or enduring tenure will improve K-12 education in California. Debate presentations will be conducted throughout the day, starting at 9 a.m., before culminating in a formal debate session between Chico State Debate Team members and stakeholder community members at 6:30 p.m.

The Chico Great Debate focuses on civic education by bringing the community and Chico State campus together to engage in friendly but heated debates regarding a contemporary topic that has potential to divide participants. A community-member storytelling element has been added for the first time, hoping to increase the versatility and excitement of the debate. To learn more about the Chico Great Debate, email <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">{ document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,97,32,104,114,101,102,61,34,109,97,105,108,116,111,58,103,114,101,97,116,100,101,98,97,116,101,64,99,115,117,99,104,105,99,111,46,101,100,117,34,62,103,114,101,97,116,100,101,98,97,116,101,64,99,115,117,99,104,105,99,111,46,101,100,117,60,47,97,62)) } </script>.