Bird watch

Don Bird goes after Tehama County registrar

Republican state Assemblyman Jim Nielsen hasn’t heard the last of Don Bird after all.

On Oct. 25, Nielsen’s 76-year old nemesis from Rancho Tehama filed a lawsuit against Beverly Ross, the registrar of voters in Tehama County. Bird maintains Ross had “probable cause” to question the validity of Nielsen’s declared residency when he registered as a candidate in 2008. In a petition for a preliminary injunction, Bird says, “The respondent is guilty as a complicit conspirator who has and will continue supporting a perjurer.”

Bird has been attempting to expose Nielsen for perjury since his 2008 election, maintaining Nielsen really lives in a gated community in Woodland, outside his district, rather than the double-wide mobile home in Gerber he claims as his official residence.

Nielsen successfully filed a restraining order on Oct. 21 that prevents Bird from attempting or threatening to enact a citizen’s arrest on Nielsen or from entering the politician’s private property.