Ch-ch-ch- changes

If the only constant is change, I’m doing a pretty good job at being constant. Last week, I introduced our new, veteran news editor while settling into my new residence. This week, I have a new feature and new people to tell you about.

(If you miss my relocation ramblings, don’t worry, they’ll be back. I haven’t changed that much.)

First, the new feature … well, actually, an old feature, repackaged and more frequent. Four Columns have been reduced to two alternating columns. The Arts Diva debuts this week, followed by Technobabble.

The Arts Diva previously was titled Fine Arts and had two writers; it now has one, Carla Resnick. Carla will write about visual arts as well as performing arts: theater, dance, classical music. She has extensive knowledge of the Chico arts scene—and a distinctive way of expressing herself that makes for engaging reading and spirited discussion. I hope you appreciate her column, as well as our increased commitment to arts coverage.

Technobabble examines all things high-tech. Morgan Paar is dialed in (or, should I say Wi-Fied in?) to the latest developments in computers, electronics, gaming and the Web. His columns are clear enough for low-techies to understand yet savvy enough for whizzes on the leading edge of technology.

OK, now onto the people.

Over the spring, regular readers have seen an array of stories from our dedicated interns. Alexis Harmon, Christina Moore and Sarah Rich all made major contributions during a period of (what else?) change. You will see their bylines in the future, just not so regularly.

Starting next issue, we will have a quality quartet of summer interns, all from Chico State. Monica Unhold will focus on arts and entertainment; Chelsey Shoop and Marisol Salgado will divide their time between news and features; and Matt McFarland will hone stories as a copy editor.

Now back to business as usual …