Welcome news

Even before I joined the News & Review, it was obvious how important a role the first part of the title plays in the newspaper. Sure, I confess, I picked up my first copy of CN&R to see how to spend a Saturday night. But, as I leafed through the front half, I was struck by the richness and depth of the news coverage.

Longtime Chicoans agree. A number of readers have asked whether the tradition of incisive, investigative reporting will continue.

The answer is yes. And I can say this emphatically because of the man who has accepted the job as News Editor.

If you peeked at the staff box on the bottom of the next page, you already know who I’m talking about. But if you read the issue sequentially, let me be the first to introduce Robert Speer.

Actually, reintroduce. He has helped out here the past six weeks, so you may have seen his name in recent issues. But Bob is a Chico institution whose impact spans three decades.

He was one of the founding editors of this paper, back when the Wildcat vacated Chico State for a downtown existence as the Chico News & Review. He has filled every seat and played every role in the newsroom.

His contributions are too numerous to list, so I’ll just focus on the most recent ones. His cover story on new city manager Greg Jones graced the first issue with my name on it. He has written editorials and Newslines on topics ranging from elections to cell towers to police raids. He has reviewed books for In the Mix, and this week’s Backbeat has his byline, too.

I am thrilled to have Bob on board. If you feel the same way, please drop him a welcoming e-mail at <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script> or call at 894-2300, extension 2241. Or send him a news tip—what better tribute to a consummate newsman?