Celebrating the weird

To all the freaks and misfits out there: We salute you

What would Chico be without the freaks and misfits who provide the backdrop for this magical place? Just your basic college town surrounded by farms, that’s what.

So when we throw an annual show under the banner of Keep Chico Weird, what we’re saying is that those colorful characters ought to be celebrated. Bring out your strange talents and showcase them for the world (or at least Chico) to see. Practice that dance routine, rehearse that bizarre monologue, put your dreams to music and take ’em to the stage.

When we first envisioned the Keep Chico Weird talent show, we honestly had no idea what creative submissions we might receive. But year in and year out, we continue to see the depth of this wonderful community and its commitment to stepping outside the box. That in itself is worth celebrating!

We hope to see a wide range of people at this year’s art and talent shows, both of which are being held at new venues—the Museum of Northern California Art and Senator Theatre, respectively. Both events showcase the amazingly creative individuals and groups we have here in the North State.

Beyond all the oddities you’ll expect to find at this year’s events, we also want to encourage everyone to embrace the weird and wonderful things that make you, well, you. If you didn’t have that weird nose whistle or snort while you laugh or have a pinky that bends all the way back to your wrist, well, you might just be boring. No one wants that! So, instead of poking fun at people’s imperfections, look at them as badges of individuality.

Embrace that weirdness!