Butte College breakdown

What does a representative profile look like?

Every year Butte-Glenn Community College officials prepare a demographic snapshot of their students. Here are some of the elements in a breakdown of a representative profile of 100 students in the fall of 2011.

By age and gender: 5 are 17 and under; 58 are 18-24; 32 are 25-49; 5 are over 50; 53 are female; 47 are male.

By ethnicity: 64 are white; 16 are Hispanic; 6 are Asian; 3 are African American; 3 are American Indian; 8 classify themselves as “other.”

By educational goals: 37 plan to transfer to a four-year university; 10 are interested in career advancement; 2 are interested in upgrading their learning skills; 30 are undecided about their educational goals.

By courses: 64 take transfer/general-education classes; 30 take career/technical classes; 6 take basic-skills classes.

By level of preparation: 29 enter with a skill deficiency in basic writing; 20 enter with a skill deficiency in basic reading; 29 enter with a deficiency in basic arithmetic; 53 are unprepared for college-level English; 65 are unprepared for college-level math.

Source: Butte College 2011-2012 Demographic Snapshot