Bragging rights

Who doesn’t want to be special? We all do, and that goes for towns as much as people. From the Big Apple to the City by the Bay, America’s cities, towns and villages all want something to brag about. For small towns, though, that can be a stretch. Here are some proud podunks and the boasts they’ve adopted. To make it more fun, we’ve turned it into a quiz. The boasts don’t match up with the names, so you have to figure out which goes with which. Scroll down for answers.

Boast Town
1. “America’s Secret City”A. Happy, Texas
2. “Hubcap Capital of the World” B. Maggie Valley, N.C.
3. “Bigfoot Capital of the World”C. Beaver, Okla.
4. “Farm Toy Capital of the World”D. Austin, Minn.
5. “Cow Chip Capital of the World”E. Turkey, Texas
6. “Barbed Wire Capital of the World”F. Drumright, Okla.
7. “Spamtown USA”G. Oak Ridge, Tenn.
8. “Town Without a Toothache”H. Pearsonville, Calif.
9. “Western Swing Capital of the World"     I. Dyersville, Iowa
10. “The Town Without a Frown” J. Willow Creek, Calif.
11. “Clogging Capital of the World”K. Hereford, Texas
12. “Town of Oil Repute” L. La Crosse, Wis.
13. “Peak of Good Living”M. Apex, N.C













Answers: 1-G; 2-H; 3-J; 4-I; 5-C; 6-L; 7-D; 8-K; 9-E; 10-A; 11-B; 12-F; 13-M