Bicycling is good for you!

The top seven reasons to hop on and go

You don’t have to be a hardcore cyclist in spandex shorts or a car-less bike-for-transport devotee to appreciate the health benefits of riding a bike. Even the occasional leisurely pedal around the block is good for you. lists the top seven health benefits of cycling:

• It’s good for your heart. Cycling encourages improved cardio- vascular fitness and decreases risk of coronary heart disease.

• It’s good for your muscles. Riding a bike is a great low-impact way to exercise your calves, thighs and booty.

• It’s good for your waistline. Burn calories and keep weight gain down in general, as cycling speeds up metabolism even after you’re off the bike.

• It’s good for your lifespan. Regular cycling has been associated with longevity.

• It’s good for your coordination. Moving your feet in circles while steering with your hands and body is good for motor coordination.

• It’s good for your mental health.

Getting out in fresh air and seeing the sights and chatting with folks is a mind relaxer.

• It’s good for your immune system. Bicycling strengthens your immune system and can help protect against cancer.