Check-up checklist

Make one prior to your next doctor’s appointment

Now that springtime is here, you might be thinking about heading to the doctor’s office for a regular check-up. That’s a good idea, because getting an examination regularly will help you stay healthy. Make the most out of your appointment by being prepared. To do so, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests making a check-up checklist.

Review: Think about your family history and report to the doctor any new conditions or diseases.

Due: Determine whether you’re up to date on the screening tests based on your family history, health, age and lifestyle (such as mammogram, cholesterol screening, colon-cancer screening, etc).

Document: Take note of changes to your body, including any odd symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Write down the questions you have for the doctor.

Look ahead: Is there something specific you want to discuss, such as quitting smoking or losing weight? This is the time to address your future health needs.