Be better for the bunnies

Five steps to a more sustainable Easter

Please, don’t make the Easter Bunny cry. You can enjoy the holiday’s bounty of candy and fun without wreaking havoc on the green environment in which our furry friends so cutely romp. The bloggers at Wise Bread suggest a list of five affordable ways to make Easter more eco-friendly.

Dye eggs using natural dyes: Skip the store-bought tablets in favor of the natural pigments imparted by beets, turmeric, red cabbage or onion skins.

No plastic grass: Green up your Easter basket with paper grass instead of plastic. There are a variety of decorative paper grasses out there—even unbleached plain paper—and you can even shred your own.

Bulk up: Cut down on the amount of packaging around your candy by skipping multiple bags and scooping your own.

Even less plastic: Stock Easter baskets with multi-use toys like jump ropes and books, and choose foil-wrapped over plastic-wrapped candies.

Junior eco-warriors: Go a whole other direction for the spring holiday. Skip the candies altogether and hand out baskets of seeds and simple gardening supplies likes gloves, tools and pots.