Green screen

Green apps for your iPad

The new iPad 3 was released last week, and for those who’ve reconciled the various environmental and humanitarian debates over owning the popular tablet computer and might be looking for ways to appease your green conscience, the folks at TreeHugger ( have provided a list of 13 “awesome green iPad apps” that are now (or will soon be) available. Here’s a sampling:

Gardening Toolkit HD: User-friendly tool for beginner gardeners. Just type in your region and get info on the best herbs and veggies to grow in your area during the different seasons. It also helps you organize and make best use of your space and will remind you when to do various garden tasks. Cost: $3.99.

Bike Repair HD: Detailed guides (with photos) for 55 different do-it-yourself repairs. $2.99.

My Recycle List: Type in the material you want to recycle and get a list of nearby facilities that will accept the item. Created by the people behind, this app is free.

Audubon Guides: Four comprehensive field guides to the trees, wildflowers, mammals and birds of North America. Though it has a ton of info, it’s still a little pricey at $30.