Gift that keeps giving

Create a registry through a nonprofit where friends can help a third-world farmer feed his family.

What do you buy a couple who have everything? When your best bud gets married, instead of giving a crockpot you could irrigate a farmer’s land for four months, plant 100 trees or fund a school meal program for one child in your friend’s name. Increasingly, couples who are planning a wedding but don’t need a bunch of stuff are turning to organizations like Oxfam America or Heifer International, both of which offer wedding registries that friends and families can feel good about completing. Here are a few of the items you could put on your registry, or choose to buy for a happy couple.

Oxfam America

• Help a family plant a grove of “miracle trees” ($35)

• Cultivate a field of organic cotton ($40)

• Build a weather station for farmers ($120)

Heifer International

• A flock of chicks, ducks or geese for a family in need ($20)

• A sheep or goat ($120)—or you can buy a share of a sheep or goat for $10

• A trio of rabbits ($60)