Consume less clothing!

Versatile minimalist Malaysian clothing line discourages overconsumption

“I just had to buy it—it was such a good deal!” How many times have you heard or said that one?

When it comes to clothing, American women are notoriously shopping-happy. Enter Malaysian clothing design firm We are ULTRA, creator of the versatile, stylish 10-piece clothing line, Ultra 10, which was awarded the 2011 Ethical Fashion Forum Innovation Award. The line’s “modular and multifunctional pieces” include a 4-in-1 number that can be worn as a coat, dress, jacket or skirt.

The aim of the clever Ultra 10 line is to act as an antidote to the rampant overpurchasing of clothes (which, among other things, wastes perfectly good resources)—the 10 pieces are intended to be all that is required for a woman’s wardrobe for an entire year. The line incorporates sustainably sourced and recycled fabrics to boot.

“We created it as a conscientious response to the overconsumption that is too often associated with fashion,” the Ultra 10 designers were quoted as saying. Head to to check out the clothing.