Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet

Let's tally the nerd score on this one. Writer/filmmaker Kevin Smith—himself a major general in the nerd army—joins a comic book series stylistically based on Adam West's 1966 Batman television show, penning a sequel to the famous crossover episode with Green Hornet and Kato. That's a lot of geek crammed into one six-issue collection, and it works marvelously. Along with writer Ralph Garman and artist Ty Templeton, Smith brings the campy caped crusader to life down to the smallest detail (yes, we're talking Aunt Harriet). As the dynamic duo once again spars with the misunderstood Green Hornet and Kato, the crime-fighting quartet must try to put aside their differences to take down a renewed Col. Gumm and the Crown Prince of Crime. It's all an excuse to revisit a lighter side of Batman, a welcome relief from the growling and brooding of recent cinematic endeavors. Part homage, part imitation, the end result embodies the spirit and tone of 1966's take on the characters while flawlessly recreating the dialogue, camera angles and outlandish stage settings. Fans of the old TV series will relish a return to the same Bat-time and same Bat-channel while new fans may rally to include the Batusi in next summer's Batman v Superman blockbuster.