Have you spotted this shirt?

Lost: Mark’s shirt.

Lost: Mark’s shirt.

Stop everything! This is very, very important. Friend of Arts DEVO and former CN&R Arts Editor Mark Lore is in trouble … he’s lost his favorite Old 97’s shirt. Why, oh why does life have to be so hard?! The Lorax was carrying the shirt around with him on a Chico Sunday-night bar crawl—like any normal person would—and he thinks he left it in a cab. Sure, he probably still has a different Old 97’s shirt for each day of the week, but this one is special—it’s beige. If you see anyone wearing the shirt that Sir Charles Mark-ly is sporting in the blurry picture here, assume the worst and tear it off and bring it to me.

Just in, from Rome The lovable Matt Siracusa, DJ, CN&R photographer, and another friend of Arts DEVO’s, is living life very well right now, traveling around Italy with his camera for a month. He checked in last week with a sample of what he’s been up to—this sweet shot of street art in Rome. Keep ’em coming, Maticulit.

Street art from Rome.

And then there’s this: From time to time I’ve talked about local bands doing Chico proud with notice gained outside the comfortable womb of our little city. And I’ve been wondering, if one of ours does blow up, how will we know? What should we be looking for? Will the sign of greatness be when children learn our band’s songs in music class? ’Cause, if that’s the case, I think local fave Surrogate is set to pop. Thanks to a tip from local singer/songwriter Aamir Malik, I just witnessed a video of music students from Redding School of the Arts doing a cover of “Exercise Machines” from Surrogate’s last album, Popular Mechanics. The whole class is in on it, with a few singing over a percussion orchestra, the beautiful melodies lightly tapped out by a chorus of marimbas. Watch at and wait for the fame to roll in.


Nitro wants your lunch.

• Silver Dollar Fair: “From two claws attached to the end of a giant arm that swings like a pendulum, it’s hard to tell which way is up. The majestic Nitro lifts riders high into the air, 24 at a time. As the main boom swings back and forth, the base of six groups of seats begin to spin!” Memorial Day Weekend means the fair is in town—May 26-30. You probably shouldn’t have an egg roll on a stick, though, until after the Nitro.

• Links for Literacy: Calling all club pros and weekend hackers! Get out to the course at Tuscan Ridge Saturday, June 18, and help the CN&R raise some scratch for Butte County Library to buy books (not Nooks, or Kindles, or DVDs; real tangible print media) for kids at our first-ever golf tournament. It’s $80 to register, and there are a ton of prizes (including a new Suburu for a hole-in-one!). Log onto or call 894-2300, ext. 2222, to get an entry form.