Springtime blues

Mmm … sunshine.

Mmm … sunshine.

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Needs more ice cream The sun is good. Even though the warm weather has brought changes that have required me to expend brainpower that I don’t have right now (where’d I put that fan?), I am grateful we are entering short-pants season. I need the boost … and maybe some ice cream. This has been an emotionally turbulent week:

Chico Area … somethin’ or other I’m not gonna lie: Wearing the CAMMIES producer hat at the same time as the arts editor hat makes for a very depleted Arts DEVO. (Not even the rejuvenating vibrations of the blue Energy Dome have helped.) Thankfully, the marathon of shows has provided more spiritual boosts (Poa Porch Band serenading Scotty’s Landing as the sun set over the river and the 14-man La Original Banda La Jalisciense’s mind-blowing energy—and ear-blowing bass—at Lost on Main), than depleting kicks in the groin (falling into bed at 3 a.m., bands screwing with schedules—and the band that follows—by ignoring set-lengths).

Oh, and this happened Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. troops. It’s too soon to say whether it ends up being a good thing for our country and the world in the long run, but there is for sure a lot of energy rippling through America right now. I fall somewhere in the somber current, sad about killings and revenge but a little relieved that he’s gone. I know a lot of folks are openly rejoicing and proud of their country right now. That sentiment doesn’t feel right to me, but it doesn’t feel out of place either. Emotions are tricky, and it seems best to let people get ’em all out and wait a bit before sorting out what’s right and what’s wrong.

King me Move away from the ledge, Sacramento, the Kings are staying in the North State—for a year at least—and I can stop looking for a new NBA team to root for (I was leaning toward either the Portland Trailblazers or Oklahoma City Thunder). Now, let’s blow up Arco Arena … I mean, Power Balance Pavilion, and get a new arena planned before the O.C. can re-sink its hooks into our team.


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Retrofitting one of our pillars The most affecting thing to happen this past week to the CN&R family was the news that one of our fearless leaders—advertising Manager Alec Binyon—had taken ill. You’ll have to wait for him to tell you the story (and it’s a doozy!) but the bottom lines are that: he was in the hospital for a few days; he is now at home surrounded by family and recovering nicely. It’s a blow when anyone you know is sick, but around this newspaper, Alec being down was, as he might say, “major.” In many ways, Alec’s the spiritual heart of this newspaper. His devotion to the ideals of community and print media’s role in it are inspiring; his and his sales team’s energetic work has kept the paper afloat; he is a kind and supportive friend to everyone in the office, and he’s always ready to party. I don’t want him to rush getting back, but I can’t wait till he gets back.

Puppy prozac.

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Home base Weeks like these make me so grateful for having the sense to marry my best friend 18 years ago. Even if my busy schedule allows for only 30 minutes next to Mrs. DEVO on the couch watching a rerun of The Office, or waking up to smell remnants of her Jessica McClintock perfume left behind on the kissable head of our tiny poodle Honey’s head, I’m fortified to start anew.

And I’ve come to find that having a tiny poodle around to snuggle with over a cup of coffee is one of the best ways to start the day off on the right foot.