DEVOtimationally speaking

Demotivational speech Arts DEVO is not so out of touch that he doesn’t enjoy the good fun of a sassy meme from time to time. He just doesn’t like to join the crowd unless he can put his own twist on things. Take the ubiquitous “demotivational” posters floating around the web with the cleavage and the cutting punch lines. The obvious AD response would be to subtly flip the script and create his own DEVOtimational posters. Like this:

Smashy, smashy.

Godzilla stomps Chico Look out, the comic store is being crushed to bits behind you!!! Got word from the folks at Chico’s own Bat Comics that the downtown comic shop will be featured on the cover of the first issue of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. IDW Publishing invited comic-book shops from all over to take part in the release, with each getting a personalized run of 500 copies featuring their shop getting smashed on the cover. There were 100 variant covers created. Chico’s will be available at Bat Comics after April 27.

Arts farts Oh man. Two errors in one column last week. Yeesh! First: I can’t believe I said that Sammy Hagar swilled and sold “whiskey.” I mean, I know all the words to his song “Mas Tequila” for crying out loud, and I see his Cabo Wabo Tequila everywhere! My only defense is that I never drink the hard stuff, so it’s all firewater to me. And second: Yes, Romeo Void lead singer Debora Iyall was in Chico to perform at the R.I.P. MTV live-karaoke night a couple weeks ago, but she did not do her old band’s classic tune “Never Say Never.” According to those who were there, she performed Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks’ hit “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” instead. In an attempt to make up for my error, lemme give a shout out to the Living Karaoke Band’s next tribute night, Bowie/Ramones, coming July 22. Visit for info.