Arts DEVO art show, and props to Sicilian Cafe

“Monster Arm Suit,” Greg de Gouveia

“Monster Arm Suit,” Greg de Gouveia

Arts DEVO art show, version 4(x)2:

“The Skeptic,” Paul Feldhaus

Caution: This show will feature large interactive kinetic elements that can be extremely dangerous; mind yourself and your dependents. An art show that comes with a warning is an art show I want to go to. (Roughly)2 is Greg de Gouveia’s one-night showing of “interactive, kinetic and illuminated sculpture work,” Friday, April 16, 6-9 p.m., at 1005 W. First St. See for yourself if your dependents need to be concerned at his Web site: (read: concept “u” light).

Warthogs, Birds and Beasts

“Male Sitting Down,” PRAVDA

Long-time Chico artist and educator Paul Feldhaus left behind a house full of art when he died in 2005, and every once in a while, his wife, Pat Feldhaus, will tap into a vein of the collection and sell it at incredibly cheap prices. The next sale will feature prints and sketches of birds, warthogs and beasts for $10-$100, and it’s happening Saturday, May 1, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., at 310 Legion Ave.

And, PRAVDA for charity

“Table,” Greg de Gouveia

It is a rare thing to see paintings by the eccentric PRAVDA for public sale, but right now, at the Shalom Free Clinic Thrift Store (250 E. First St.), nine of her colorful pieces are available (from $30-$111). PRAVDA is donating all the proceeds to charity—half to the Shalom Free Clinic and half to Haiti relief.


• Ten percent chance of rain: Pray for sunshine this Saturday, April 17, at Scotty’s Landing, so the CAMMIES Country/Americana showcase will be as cloud-free as possible and we can kick up a little dust by the river with Three Fingers Whiskey, Crazygrass and the Rock Creek Jug Band.

• Sicilian Café, 1020 Main St.: Arts DEVO has to give a huge shout out to chef/owner James Taylor’s cuisine nonpareil. It had been far too long since Mrs. DEVO and I had dined at the site of our wedding reception, and last Friday night’s perfection was just the kick in the pants we needed not to put it off so long again. I had the chicken secco (with green onions, thinly sliced mushrooms in a white-wine sauce) and it was light and buttery and perfectly matched with the pinot grigio Taylor selected. As expected Mrs. D’s chicken Americana in a parmesan cream sauce, with prosciutto and green onions) was too good. The kind of are-you-kidding-me dish that makes you look around at your fellow diners and nod “yes, yes” as you chew. … Excuse me, I gotta go make a reservation.