Seamonster, The CAMMIES and more stuff than one little town can handle

Seamonster throws down.

Seamonster throws down.

Playgirl and the sea

did you get your scratcher ticket? did you get your nudie magazine? i’m trying to pump some muthu-fuckas up! word.

Christine “Seamonster” Fulton is back on the scene, and she is pumping up her new show(s) something fierce. Well, at least she’s sending me all kinds of cool swag and quotable e-mails.

chico can be a drag but it can also be an open playground.

I’ve received a mini “What Makes Your Heart Explode?” ’zine, full of vintage nudie pics and “atomic prose” by Goat; I also got a lottery-style scratcher (the angel skull image means “Sorry! No Win” for me), plus all these fun e-mails that are probably the best enticement of all …

i have been traveling the last year and [am] completely thrilled to be showcasing my new creative endeavors in chico again … to which endeavors do i speak? a beautiful new series of watercolors on paper, my own modern-day tijuana bible, some “hot lighters,” erotic scriptures, and the mysterious story behind the secret life of the atomic playgirl … maybe a new hairdo too.

… for heading to 112 W. Second St. (the old Boho), Friday, April 9, 6-10 p.m. …

the reception on friday will have some special surprises and guest appearances, a super-secret art-give-away prize contest and your opportunity to showcase your art happening dress stylies … danger being an obvious theme.

… and a couple doors down for a two-person exhibit at the Naked Lounge.

and to speak more of this “danger” concept … i’m putting up a joint show with dragonboy at the naked lounge for the month of april as well as my atomic show …

The CAMMIES are here.


• Chico Area Madness: If you are in a stalking mood over the next five weeks, you can trace the movements of Arts DEVO by following the CAMMIES schedule (, as he will be switching out his Energy Dome for his producer’s hat for the 14 live events during this CAMMIES season. And he will be blogging about it all, with live show updates, CAMMIES news, plus mp3 downloads of songs by Chico bands at the Chico Area Music Blog:

• Witness the masters: Two culminating exhibits at the University Art Gallery by two MFA grads: Romantech, digital prints of cell-phone photos by Elizabeth Newman Kuiper (through April 10) and sabór a mí sculptures from inside the mouth by Sandi Escobar (April 12-17).

• Aspen Sante Fe Ballet: It’s described as “ballet combined with a Momix performance,” and Chico Performances is bringing it to Laxson Auditorium Thursday, April 8.

Hungry, hungry marching band.

• Hungry March Band: The sound on the street these days would appear to be the lively chaos of a new breed of marching band. Last week, Chico was treated to Portland’s March Fourth Marching Band, and before that we’ve had many occasions to enjoy the rhythms of the Bay Area/Chico Loyd Family Players. And, next Thursday, April 15, the Hungry March Band, New York City’s entry into the really big band genre, will fill up the 1078 Gallery alongside everyone’s favorite a capella soft-rockin’ cover band, the Chico Soft Rock Choir.