Arts map is done, and other randomness

“Bad Things” to come

“Bad Things” to come

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First, where’s the map?

Yes, it is the first Saturday of the month. No, there is no art-walk map in the center of the CN&R. We’ve been art-mappin’ it every month for three years, and have decided it’s time to let it go. As much as the CN&R is committed to supporting the arts, the public participation in the monthly event has diminished over the months, making the art walk into not much of an event anymore.

Does this mean Chico’s arts scene isn’t vibrant enough to justify a walk? No. Does this mean there wasn’t much going on beyond a few appetizers to draw more than just the most committed arts lovers out to the galleries? In this columnist’s opinion, yes. Finally, does this mean there will no longer be an art walk? No, there are still arts-makers and -producers working to tie together local venues. ChiVAA has an art map at its site ( and Anna Schulze Simcox at Art, Etc. is organizing people via a Chico Art First Saturday Facebook group.

Arts DEVO’s advice to make the walk work better: Do it up big. Take a page from the fashion collective Chikoko’s book and make each month’s event a big party, and in turn lure more than just the art junkies out for the afternoon.

Second, Random Column Generator returns

Winnepeg, Canada’s roots-folkies The Duhks are flying south and will be at the Chico Women’s Club this Sunday, Nov. 8, but just as noteworthy is the show’s opener, country musician Jace Everett. Never heard of him? Neither had I—he hasn’t done much yet. But the one thing he has done is amazing; namely, penning the infectious theme song for Alan Ball’s HBO vampire series, True Blood. “Bad Things” is a sinister, swampy, Chris Isaak-ish slow-burner with spooky pedal steel and Everett’s baritone voice swallowing the chorus: “I wanna do bad things with you.” Just try to listen to it once without singing it for the rest of the week—impossible. Visit for show info.

For sale: This Picasso guitar

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The Music Connection is hosting a musician’s swap meet Saturday, Nov. 7, 10 a.m. (set-up, 9 a.m.) and is inviting musical-instrument owners to set up shop and sell their horns, axes, rigs and whatnots in front of the store. I think it’s time Arts DEVO sold his lucky Picasso guitar (see picture). This one comes from the “My Penis Points in Many Directions” line of instruments and will go to the highest bidder who can strap it on and simultaneously play “Stairway to Heaven,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Smoke on the Water.” No chicks, I mean checks, please.

“This first question is worth $25”: What game-show host, originally a stand-up comedian, had to complete a New York taxi school course before he could take the job on the show? Answer: Ben Bailey, host of the Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab will be onstage Tuesday, Nov. 10, at Chico State’s BMU Auditorium.

My energy dome is tingling

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The other DEVO is on tour! Arts DEVO will not be going to San Francisco this weekend to experience the band’s covering of one of its classic albums in its entirety (a different one each night, S.F.’s Grand Ballroom shows will feature Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO! on Nov. 6, and Freedom of Choice on Nov. 7), and that’s just not right.