A fried snack to celebrate the end of Artoberfest, and saying goodbye to Arnone

Deep-fried Ultimate Cheeseburger

Deep-fried Ultimate Cheeseburger

First, a snack How about this: The “Chimmy Dean,” featuring a pork sausage wrapped in a tortilla and deep-fried, then topped with syrup, bacon pieces and Cool Whip; or “Lardz,” breaded deep-fried lard balls topped with sugar; or the deep-fried Jack in the Box Ultimate Cheeseburger … and the list continues at the This Is Why You’re Fat blog ( While the stuff on this greasy corner of the Interweb more often taps at my gag-reflex and/or funny bone, there are a few inspired creations that do push my primal oil-crisped-treat button: Bacon-infused onion ring? Yes. Puff pastry stuffed with Snickers bar? Yummers. And deep-fried pancakes? That just seems like a reasonable step in breakfast evolution.

Sure, any creature possessing a conscience, or a will to thrive, or an opposable thumb, would agree that this kind of culinary ingenuity can only cause harm to the human body, but I argue that there is a dark and cold corner of our souls that can be illuminated only by an occasional indulging in the works of the frialated arts.

Artober is turning The art harvest is almost over. This weekend, as the clocks fall back and the last pedi-cab pours its last wasted revelers onto their lawn, the month-long Artoberfest will come to end. The last of the arts fun includes the bonus weekend of Open Studios Tour Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, (check with Chico Art—for details on participating artists) as well as the closing events of Janice Porter’s Jtown installation at 1078 Gallery: Theatre Shorts (Oct. 30, 7 p.m.) and Halloween dance party (Oct. 31, 8 p.m.) featuring live electro-funk by Dr. Yes!

Mark and Mark stalking Ace Frehley

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In memory Before I ever met Mark Arnone I liked him. First, he was a good friend of my buddy (and former CN&R arts editor) Mark Lore. Second, like myself and Mr. Lore, Arnone liked KISS. Actually, I can’t compare our level of fandom with Arnone’s. If I was a private, and Lore was maybe a sergeant, Arnone was a fully decorated five-star general in the KISS Army. The CN&R has written stories about the guy’s fanaticism—the room devoted to KISS memorabilia (autographs, dolls and a full-size pinball machine) and his exhaustive collection of bootleg tapes.

This past Wednesday, Oct. 21, Arnone died after being found unconscious in his home. The cause of death is still unknown. He was 36.

I didn’t know Arnone well, but I have fond memories of hanging out with him and his wife, Margarita, on the few occasions Lore invited us to the same events. A Glenn County sheriff’s deputy for the last 10 years, Arnone was also a weekend DJ for various local stations over the years and was an awards presenter during the CN&R’s CAMMIES shows.

Other than offering my condolences to his family and friends, I’ll leave the final words to his good friend Mark Lore:

“I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days of all the fun, ridiculous, and life-changing things Mark and I have been through since high school—you know someone for 20 years and it goes beyond friendship. I loved the guy. Despite his tough exterior, he was a teddy bear, and I know he loved his family and his friends more than he sometimes let on. To say Mark was a character would be an understatement. Anyone who’s known him—on any level—has an Arnone story. He was such a strong personality … so strong that he’s probably going to direct his own funeral. I can hear him telling everyone in his booming voice, ‘You will wear KISS shirts at my funeral! And you are going to cry!’ And we will.”