Art Talk

Dolores Mitchell

Once a month, local artist (and retired art educator) Dolores Mitchell sends an email blast to subscribers of her Art Talk newsletter. If you want to know what’s going on in the visual-arts scene, this is an excellent source. In a recent edition, released on July 3, her theme is “Art: Going With the Flow”—that is, shutting down the thinking mind and tapping into pure creativity. She illustrates this by showing examples of her own work as well as that of four other artists—Paula Busch, Waif Mullins, Reta Rickmers and Nicolai Larsen—who, like Mitchell, currently have work on exhibit in Chico. She also includes a blurb about an upcoming exhibit by several women who have survived cancer, including Rickmers and poet Joan Goudreau. In addition to describing what’s going on in the art scene, Mitchell explores the artistic process in a way that any reader can appreciate, artist or not. To subscribe, simply email Mitchell at