Your Ghost Fits My Skin

The common pitfalls of Americana and new folk are easily avoided on this album; there’s not a sloppy or superfluous moment to speak of. From Kevin Lee’s vocals—sad and full of soul—to Christian Kiefer’s meticulous production, Sacramento’s Silver Darling tells a dark story with many eerily joyful revelations along the way. Tracks like “Living for Breath” are brilliantly paced, taking ample time to play with the listener’s mood; “Holly Oak, Muddy Banks,” on the other hand, is wild and unpredictable—Silver Darling become spiritual madmen entrenched in song. Your Ghost Fits My Skin is thoughtful, odd and masterfully executed. Josh Ahlansberg’s guitar work is sly, Jesse Phillips’ bass is orienting, and songs like “Rosewood Country Face” leave your head dizzy and your heart heavy with joy.