DJ Oasis Presents: Cap City Connection

DJ Oasis Presents: Cap City Connection can be purchased at UnitedState, R5 Records, Getta Clue and Cuffs Urban Apparel.

DJ Oasis of the Neighborhood Watch decided to put the drama aside by featuring as many Sacramento artists on one mix tape as he could—no matter what crew they represent or what beef they have. The result is a CD that’s as diverse as it is interesting. For instance, there’s Random Abiladeze, who just might have the first “Don’t taze me, bro” reference in a recorded rap track; C+’s jazzy “Complete Comfort,” with the classic line, “I’m a mess / and I don’t even want to clean it up;” Blee’s “Pine n Wine,” an ode to getting lifted, and Nicatyne, who drops a uniquely weird-ass Another Bad Creation meets Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds hip-hop song. Cap City Connection demonstrates the best of Sacramento beats, rhymes and life, and, of course, that hip-hop is nothing without a good deejay.