Sac Hates Hip-Hop

From Roper’s sparse “Know About Me” to Wyzdom’s tension-building “If I Said You Was Wack” and Timbaland’s “Burners” to DJ Flow’s careful sample placement, there’s some worthy production on this album. Lyrically, Mahtie Bush provides some food for thought with politically relevant rhymes on “Can You Relate,” while Cawzlos adds poetry with lines like “I stole the city in my pocket like a klepto.” But there are uneven spots, like the dragging (and aptly named) “It Doesn’t Matter,” and the misspellings (that go way beyond hip-hop sin-tax) on “The Reserction” and “Wise Intelagence” are ultimately unforgivable. Overall, the album reads like a map of urban Sacramento—love songs, party jams, misspellings and all. And check the track “Listen In” for a shout out/diss to everybody’s favorite writer.