Nine Inch Nails

The Slip

Nine Inch Nails has yet another album to join their ever-evolving collection. However, The Slip (essentially an updated version of 2005’s With Teeth) is less-memorable than the group’s bolder industrial vets. “Discipline,” track four of 10, sounds a lot like “Only” from With Teeth, and like many songs on the album, it contains ridiculously catchy, distorted disco beats accompanied by digitally altered rhythms. The album boasts loud drum beats and hard-core electronica, yet the sappy piano ballad is the star of the show—“Lights in the Sky,” refreshingly underproduced and light on synthesizers, exhibits perfectly the raw vocal talents of Trent Reznor. “Thanks for the loyal and ongoing support over the years,” Reznor posted on his Web site, “This one’s on me.” You heard him, it’s free on