A Blind Man’s Dream (Pt. II “The Last Landmine")

Plush Lush & AdamBomb

A Blind Man’s Dream opens with “Tiny Coffins”—a classical guitar, the sound of children playing and gunshots. Ouch. And just when you think it’s not going to hurt anymore—ouch—it hurts again. “Cardboard Neighborhood” (a collaboration with Connecticut’s Benn Grim) flexes Plush Lush’s lyrical skills and AdamBomb’s expert production. Right when you get used to his carefree, jovial tone (“Plush—real name Leshanta / Came from Sri Lanka, mommy’s little monster”), Plush Lush changes the mood entirely and raps the lyrics to Allen Ginsberg’s “Rama Setu (Adam’s Bridge).” A Blind Man’s Dream is interesting, risky and political. And AdamBomb’s production perfectly matches each mood the emcee presents. It’s almost a disservice to call this Neighborhood Watcher a “local emcee,” but for now, he is, and thank God.