The Covenant

Hennessy Sessions, Vol. 1

Download for free here.

Using a tried and true technique of mix tape-making, Sacramento’s the Covenant (Rock Burgundy and Bosse) combines their original production with beats from well-established artists. While only seven of the 21 songs sport totally original tracks, the originals certainly manage to hold their own. The result (even with sub-par mastering) is yet another push forward in the Neighborhood Watch dynasty. The Hennessy Sessions (mixed by DJ Flow) is all about laid-back flows spit over thick, dramatic beats. Standouts include “Sour Bars” and the uplifting chopped-up soul sample on “Take Your Love” with production by a talented contest winner. While the original production wins out, “I Get Dummy,” which utilizes 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” beat is not to be missed. Did we mention it’s free?