Nine Inch Nails

Ghosts I-IV

As a recent convert to record-label freedom, Trent Reznor and gang released Ghosts I-IV—a wordless, entirely instrumental addition to the ever-evolving Nine Inch Nails collection. With a hefty 36 songs, Ghosts is a highly abstract and mesmerizing compilation that can be perfectly described as a “soundtrack for daydreams.” Reznor widens his musical horizons, intertwining soothing melodies with typical NIN synths and snarling guitar riffs. Despite the absence of Reznor’s unique vocals that make NIN so distinguishable, Ghosts broadens the spectrum and oozes with industrial goodness. Plus, Reznor loves his fans so much, he’ll let them have nine of the tracks for free (or all 36 for a measly five bucks at in addition to loads of beautiful photographs to accompany each song.