Yogurt mistress

illustration by Mark Stivers

With the recent frozen-yogurt invasion, Sacramentans must be eating a lot of it. I certainly go through quarts of yogurt weekly—usually unfrozen. So how hard is it to make? Are these fro-yo folks onto something? Turns out it’s like a lot of good food: much tastier if you make it yourself. I warmed a quart of organic milk to 185 degrees for 5 minutes, then combined it in a jar with 2 tablespoons of store-bought yogurt with active cultures. Then I just sat it in warm water in my oven to culture overnight. Ten hours later, I had my own yogurt. It took a bit of time, but cost less than buying organic yogurt. It tastes tart and creamy and all the better for being homemade. Next I want to try using goat’s milk. Stir in some local honey or blackberry jam for sweetness, and voilà: I’m a yogurt mistress.