White trash

It used to be that members of the racist right would put down rock ‘n’ roll as the devil’s music. Now they’re using rock to build a political and cultural force that’s out there spreading racist evil.

“White power music” is being used to recruit and organize white supremacists, according to the Chicago-based Center for New Community, which has completed research on the subject. White power music’s anti-Semitic, anti-black and anti-gay messages are thrashing their way through an international audience, according to the Center.

A recent article by Oakland freelancer Bill Berkowitz also points out that white power music is “becoming a highly profitable industry with bands, record companies, fan-zines and distributors.” One such company is Resistance Records (previously operating out of California before moving to the Midwest), which is but one of fifty companies putting out this trash.

White Aryan Resistance announced a benefit concert in Anaheim recently and a group called Blood & Honour California is putting out a compilation CD. Attendees active in white power are warned that “your effectiveness as a lone wolf is severely restricted by attending public events.” Apparently they know the authorities are watching. This lone-wolf theory of insurrection is talked about by Greg Withrow in our cover story “White Lies.” Beware.