The irony was just too thick to miss. Here were thousands of people being free to dance, listen to music and drink beer right next to City Hall. The Summer SAMMIES at Cesar Chavez Plaza were in full swing and a blast of psychedelic reverb would occasionally bounce off City Hall’s façade, as if calling for the attention of city leaders.

With all these liberated people enjoying music, the front man of the West Coast Rhythm Section just had to make the call to arms. He wanted to express some rage at the political machine for interfering with everyone’s right to hear music when they want, where they want, and with little interference. “Go to City Council meetings and say, ‘We’ll not stand for this!’ “ he shouted at the crowd.

The city is considering a new ordinance that would regulate dance clubs and give more control to the police. The proposed ordinance would make dance clubs apply for a license every two years, thus allowing the city to deny them based on complaints or concerns of the police. The ordinance would also deny 18- to 21-year-olds access to clubs after 10 p.m. and try to regulate when all of us could dance. As if!

The City Council will seek public comment next month on the flawed proposal. We echo the words of the band leader: "Make music happen in Sacramento. God knows we need it."