When to water the lawn?

I recently saw a water-conservation poster advocating watering the lawn early in the morning or evening. Why is that?

If you water in the middle of the day, much of it will evaporate without sufficiently watering your lawn. Water droplets on the blades of grass also may act like a magnifying glass and burn your lawn. Watering at night may leave your lawn way too damp, allowing diseases, such as fungi and mold, to thrive. But when you water in the early morning or evening, you allow for sufficient water to reach the roots and a few hours of mild sun to evaporate the excess. So that’s the best choice.

I’m just beginning to realize how many chemicals I put on my body every morning as I get ready for the day. Can you share some quick tips to help me work toward a more natural approach for taking care of myself?

Great question! Here are a few favorites to try:

• Henna to color your hair

• Deodorant made of mineral salts

• Witch hazel for facial toner

• Moist tea bags to reduce puffy eyes

• Eat an apple to clean your teeth and freshen your breath

• Organic cotton tampons (or try reusable products like Lunapads or Glad Rags)

• Baking soda and glycerin mix for toothpaste

• Clip the tip of a live aloe-vera plant to sooth any kind of burn