What’s That Bug?


The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out … oh, wait, wrong species. But for gardeners and buggers (that is, the insect version of birders) everywhere, here’s a site to help you figure out what that critter in your garden, garage or living room really is—and whether it’s dangerous. The folks at What’s That Bug? just love a chance to identify some lovely little invertebrate. And they have a lighthearted approach to the whole thing, as evidenced in the “Bug Love” section of the site, where high-quality photos of bugs making love can give hope to the romantically impaired. For the more bloodthirsty among us, there’s the “Carnage” section, a museum of flattened, smooshed, swatted and murdered-by-cats bug corpses. All the photos are high-quality, and the experts take questions.