What’s an IT guy to do?

My girlfriend’s a treehugger and I’m an IT guy. Everything I do depends on computers and “techie” gadgets that suck energy all day long. Can you spare a green techno tip for a bedraggled man who wants to please his woman?

While you can make all kinds of energy-saving decisions, from purchasing your hardware from environmentally conscious companies to making sure you shut off all your devices rather than set them in sleep mode, here’s a cool tip that’ll be sure to let your gal know you care. Instead of using Google.com to search the Web, visit Google’s greener twin, Blackle.com. Blackle gives you the identical results, only against a black screen with reversed-out lettering, which requires less energy. While Blackle won’t solve major energy crises, your use, along with millions of others, will make a difference.

As the temperature heats up, the kids only spend time in the backyard periodically. Can you recommend an indoor activity with a green theme?

Sure. Go through the cupboards and drawers with the kids to rustle up every item or material that could be reused. Here’s the challenge: make something creative out of nothing but recycled or reused materials. Green Days would love it if you send in pics of your creations!