What the truckle?!

I recently was gifted a minitruckle of Montgomery Cheddar, one of the world’s best cheeses. What’s a truckle? A whole lot of cheese, that’s what (approximately 1.8 kilograms, or 3.6 pounds). Montgomery Cheddar comes from England’s Somerset region, home to the village of … Cheddar!

Cheese revelation No. 1: Cheddar is neither orange nor plasticlike; it’s the color of pale straw, a texture like aged Gouda, complete with salt crystals.

No. 2: “Cheddar reggiano” is its flavor; it’s cheese gone classy.

No. 3: While tasting the Montgomery, I ate seven other artisanal cheeses, many that were banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. And, apart from a slight case of leprosy, I’m alive and well.