Delicate cuisine

Let’s talk about sexual candy. How can I phrase this delicately? Pussy Whip. Wait, before you fire me, let me explain: Pussy Whip is edible foam you put on a vagina that’s meant to be licked off. OK, that’s not delicate, but Pussy Whip Black Berry Brandy Body Topping is a fact of life; it tastes like liquor and it’s flavored with Splenda. OK, it’s gross, but it’s definitely edible. And Gummy Peckers are self-explanatory. But if not, they’re penises that you can eat. They’re not as delicious as the original bear-shaped ones, but, really, what is? So the verdict is sexual candy is not as good as the regular candy in taste, but when you factor in that you get to apply it to genitals, it kind of evens out. You can get all this stuff and more at G-Spot (2003 K Street) if you need a quick gift—or if you’re just hungry.