Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000

Rated 1.0 New Orleans Virgin Megastore clerk Madeleine (Justine Waddell) is having terrible nightmares and hallucinations—and unknowingly has the blood of The Prince of Darkness (Gerard Butler) flowing through her veins. After thieves steal the ancient bloodsucker’s coffin and inadvertently allow his resurrection as Goth stud, the Prince seeks out Madeleine as his eternal mate. Madeleine does not put up with his neck nibbling without a fight, and gets help from her antique-dealer dad (Christopher Plummer) and his protégé (Jonny Lee Miller), who shoot silver bullets into and try to decapitate the sex-starved, fanged fiend. The use of Craven’s name in the title is a cheesy marketing ploy and the secret to the fanged suitor’s aversion to all things Christian is an even cheesier hoot. Directed by Craven’s longtime editor, Patrick Lussier.