Sweet November

Rated 2.0 The Devil’s Advocate stars Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron capably replace Anthony Newly and Sandy Denis in this glossy remake of the fragile 1968 love story. He plays a workaholic San Francisco ad man who loses his girlfriend through neglect and his job while aggressively marketing a multi-million-dollar hot dog account. She plays a sort of retro free spirit who takes a new lover under her wing each month for informal therapy in her funky flat. This tragi-romantic story about seizing the moment and emotional extinction includes a clichéd gay best friend and neighbor (Jason Isaacs) and a precocious, fatherless child (Liam Aiken). Its premise is intriguing, but its execution leaves a trail of pre-fab rather than organic conflicts and resolutions. Directed by Pat O’Connor (Inventing the Abbotts).