Wedding planning brought to life

A new product, debuting in January 2006, brings wedding planning to life. If you are one of the growing number of brides who prefer video samples of wedding products and services, this new product will give you those samples on one DVD.

The Video Bridal Guide is an interactive DVD wedding-planning guide that features video demos of local wedding professionals, as well as educational video lessons to assist couples in the planning process.

“Brides are beginning to expect video samples from vendors,” said Brandy Foust. Brandy and her husband, Jim, are producing the Video Bridal Guide. “Now we see DJs, photographers, florists, and even makeup artists offering them.”

According to a recent article in Wedding & Event Videography magazine, many brides leave videographer Web sites that do not offer video samples.

The Video Bridal Guide works like any other interactive DVD. It includes unbiased educational segments, hosted by Sacramento wedding professionals (including an in-house wedding coordinator and a pre-marriage counselor). The educational topics vary from how to choose different types of services, how to choose a gown that best complements your body type, pre-marital counseling advice, how to get the most out of a bridal show, and more. A representative from Macy’s offers tips on creating your gift registry. There is even a video fashion show featuring the latest in wedding apparel and accessories.

Courtesy Of Pinup Weddings

“Imagine being able to see a potential DJ in action, to listen to the sounds of a band or harpist, or preview a wedding ceremony held at the facilities you are considering,” Brandy said.

The Video Bridal Guide offers more information than print ads can provide. The advertisers are able to provide more in-depth information and actually demonstrate their products and services.

The DVD can be viewed on a television, or on a computer. If you view it on a computer that has internet access, you can use the hyperlinks on the DVD to go straight to the vendor Web sites and e-mail.

You are also more likely to get participation from your fiancé, as you can watch the DVD together.

“Our research shows that more grooms would participate in the planning process if given the option to view vendor demos as opposed to looking through magazines,” Brandy said.

The DVD also makes it easier for you to get the opinions of friends and family. You can hand them the DVD, they can watch it at their convenience and they don’t have to go anywhere.

Brandy and Jim, who also are wedding videographers, developed the Video Bridal Guide after observing that wedding professionals other than videographers were offering video samples of their work. They noticed this especially at trade shows and on Web sites. They also found it difficult for many professionals to pay for the creation of and distribution of a video demo. So, they decided to create a DVD that allows professionals to share DVD space and get the distribution benefits for a fraction of the cost of going it alone.

Since the DVD is supported by the professionals that advertise on it, it is free to brides. It also comes with a rewards card that allows couples to receive special discounts from participating professionals.

The DVD will be available at local wedding vendor facilities and at the Spring Sunrise Mall Bridal Expo (February 25-26, 2006). It can also be ordered online (for a $2.95 shipping and handling charge) from their Web site, Streaming video demos will be online in January as well.

The Video Bridal Guide will be produced twice a year. Although it features Sacramento-area professionals, the tips and hints in the educational portion are applicable to couples everywhere. Eventually, the DVD will feature both local and national brands and will be introduced to other cities.